Do you already have a Lab-Aids Portal account? Select an option below:




If you're a student and don't know how to log in yet, please contact your teacher for instructions.


1. Logging in to the portal

  • Your teacher should have sent you either your new username and password or instructions already. Please contact your teacher for login instructions.
  • In many cases, you should be able to log in by going to
  • If you use a website like Schoology, Canvas, or Google Classroom, you might need to login to there first and to access the Lab-Aids Portal.

2. Reading books and navigating throughout the portal

3. Viewing and completing homework: 

In some cases, your teacher may assign homework to you through your Lab-Aids Portal. Please see the resource: How to view and complete homework assigned to you 

Still have questions? Please contact your teacher or refer to the Student FAQ page for additional help.