Do you already have a Lab-Aids Portal account? Select an option below:

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2. No. I have an access code and I don't know how to redeem it. 

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    1. What is the process for teachers to get their account?

    In general, once the need for online portal access has been established between the school/district and Lab-Aids, these are the steps that will occur:

    1. Your school or district (purchaser or Curriculum Coordinator) provides the contact info for an Admin to Lab-Aids. This process can be slow as we sort out who within your school / district will take on this role.
    2. Lab-Aids will work with your school / district to determine any unique requirements and the best method of getting teachers and students accounts.
    3. The Admin will then communicate with teachers, students and other staff on how they can obtain an account or be sent their login credentials. Lab-Aids is not involved in this communication step, other than to support the the Admin if needed.
    What to do if you don't have a login:

    1. If you are aware that your school or district has purchased portal access from Lab-Aids or has been in communication with Lab-Aids, please contact your Curriculum Coordinator (or the person who makes science curriculum decisions) to determine a) if your school has appointed a Lab-Aids Portal Admin, and b) whether the admin has received their login credentials.

    More often than not, the cause of delays could be:

    • The Admin information has not yet been sent to Lab-Aids.
    • The setup method has not yet been determined between the Admin and Lab-Aids.
    • If the admin has been sent their login credentials, then the delay is that the admin has not yet set up student/teacher accounts yet (if necessary).

    2. If you are unable to get an answer from your Curriculum Coordinator, you can contact us at to find out where your school / district is in the setup process.


    2. You have an access code. How do you self register to redeem it?

    1. To redeem your access code, self register on this page to create your account:

    2. Once created, you will access your new Teacher Portal from or from our login page ( via the “Portal Login” link.

    Please see this video on how to register:


    3. You already have a Portal account, or you just received an email with your login credentials. Now what?

    We offer a number of different ways that you school / district may have chosen for students and teachers to be rostered. If you have been setup with another method, such as Google Classroom, LTI integration via you LMS, or access codes, please speak to IT staff in your district about any specific instructions they may have sent you.

    1. Log In and Change Your Password. Note: if you are accessing your Lab-Aids Portal account from Google Classroom or your school's LMS, you cannot change your password.

    2. How to Access Teacher and Student Books

    3. General Portal Navigation

    4. How to assign books to students. This step must be done if you are associated with your students via Classes within the Lab-Aid Portal account. For users accessing their account from a LMS or an access code where you self-registered, there is no need to perform this step.

    5. Student Logins: Your admin can provide student usernames and passwords. Students will log in the same way you do.

    Refer to the teacher section of the FAQ page for more helpful documents, such as how to print pages, how to create student groups, how to assign homework/tests, etc. 


    If you have further questions, you can reach out to us at