1. After logging into your teacher account, select Assessment > Standard Tests from the left-hand side menu. You will then be presented with a list of all the assessments you have access to, both pre-made tests and ones that you have created yourself. Select the test you wish to export/print.

Click Assessment > Standard Tests to view all tests.


2. To export the assessment, click the downward facing arrow icon on the top right. You can then choose from whether you want to export in RTF or QTI format.

  • RTF will export to a Word Document. You can select the file to be exported with or without answers.
  • QTI will export to a zip file that can be imported into LMSs like Schoology or Canvas.

Click the downward facing arrow to export.

3. To print the assessment, you have three options:

  1. From this same page, click the print icon in the top right. You can choose whether you want to print with or without the answers.
  2. From this same page, you can also just export the assessment in RTF format and then print the test from the exported Word Document.
  3. Open page 1 of each teacher's edition, download the PDF of the teacher's edition, and print just the assessment pages. 3rd edition SEPUP can also download the "unit specific pages" PDF from page 1 of each teacher's edition and print just the assessment pages.   

Click the print icon to print the test.