1. After logging into your teacher account, select Assessment > Standard Tests from the left-hand side menu. You will then be presented with a list of all the assessments you have access to, both pre-made tests and ones that you have created yourself. Select the test you wish to export/print.

Click Assessment > Standard Tests to view all tests.


2. You will then be shown all of the questions that are part of this assessment.

  • To export the questions, click the downward facing arrow icon on the top right. You can then choose from whether you want to export in RTF or QTI format.
    • RTF will export to a Word Document.
    • QTI will export to a zip file that is meant for uploading into LMSs like Schoology or Canvas.

Click the downward facing arrow to export.


  • To print the test, click the print icon in the top right. You can choose whether you want to print with or without the answers. Note: You can also just export in RTF format and then print the test from the exported Word Document. 

Click the print icon to print the test.