Evidence of Alignment

It's not a textbook. It's not a kit. It's a program.

Each program component references the others to form a cohesive learning system for teachers and students.


Every learning journey should have a clear path

Each Performance Expectation comes at the top of the SEPUP Learning Pathway; a guide for sequencing activities showing connections between the three dimensions of the NGSS as well as Common Core Standards.

Waves bundles seven PEs: PS4-1, PS4-2, PS4-3.

Program Supports


Embedded strategies help teachers explore students' thinking and give students multiple opportunities to confront their preconceptions.


Integrated into the programs the SEPUP assessment system sets up ways to collect evidence on student learning and improve performance. 


An intentionally flexible approach to all program activity types help accomplish our goal that all students achieve scientific literacy. 

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What does it mean to be fully-aligned?