Instead of Lab-Aids assigning licenses to individual teachers, students, and other staff, this process relies on a School and/or District Admin that can roster students and teachers and distribute licenses to teachers. In addition, the Admin can create “Classes” within your online portal that associate teachers and students accordingly.

Most schools should already have a designated person to handle such demands as rostering and distributing online licenses. Often, this is a curriculum specialist or IT person in a school/district. If this role does not already exist, a person needs to be selected who will handle these responsibilities. The Admin should have access to your school's (or district's) class rosters via your Student Information System (SIS). They should know which teachers and students need access to which content and how many licenses will need to be distributed to each school and/or class.

District Admins: 

If a school district is purchasing curriculum for more than one school, a District Admin will need to be assigned. The main duties of a District Admin are:

  1. Define each School and assign a School Admin to each School
  2. Assign the appropriate number of licenses to each School

However, District Admins can go above and beyond and create teacher and student accounts and define Classes (which is something the School Admins can do too).

School Admins: 

If a single school is purchasing curriculum for themselves, the District Admin role is not needed. A School Admin will need to be assigned, and their main duties are:

  1. Define the Classes that associate students and teachers
  2. Create accounts for each student and teacher (and assign them to a Class)
  3. Assign licenses to teachers