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EdReports releases its review of Issues and Science

Middle School Science Curriculum Designed for the NGSS

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EdReports.org is an independent non-profit designed to improve K-12 education by providing objective reviews of instructional materials. In April of 2019, EdReports released its first evaluations for middle school science and has since provided reviews for nine different instructional materials designed for the NGSS. Issues and Science, developed by SEPUP and published by Lab-Aids®, will be its tenth*. 

Reviewers and staff at EdReports hope that educators will use their analysis to help make more informed curriculum adoption decisions. Certainly, with a 62-page, comprehensive analysis, there is a lot to dig into. At Lab-Aids® and SEPUP, we too hope that educators looking to adopt will go beyond the overall scores and take advantage of the detailed evidence presented by EdReports to find where your priorities align with the review, and where they don't. 

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