These instructions are for schools/districts that have already been set up for Google Classroom integration by Lab-Aids.

1. Please have new teachers log in at using the "Log in with Google Classroom" button and their Google Workspace usernames. Click "allow" at the permission screen that pops up. Teachers will also need to select their classes to sync, but this doesn't have to be done immediately.

  • As long as your school/district's Lab-Aids Portal account has already been set up for a Google Classroom integration by Lab-Aids, our platform will recognize new teachers' Google email addresses upon login and will automatically roster their account in the Lab-Aids Portal.
  • Once teachers log in successfully and their new Port account is created, admins will be able to assign licenses to them.
  • New teachers will not see content in their Portal right away. Step 3 must be completed by the Admin in order for teachers to see content. 

2. Teachers must tell their Admin when they have logged in successfully. 

3. Admin must log in and assign licenses to new teachers.

4. Teachers should then assign books to students. This can only be done once teachers have selected their classes to sync and the Admin has assigned all necessary licenses to teachers.