Using Google Classroom with Lab-Aids' Online Portal

Lab-Aids' Online Portal is fully integrated with Google Classroom. This integration eliminates the need for manual rostering by using Google Classroom to import students, teachers, and classes to our Portal. This integration also provides SSO for teachers and students. Teachers can have students log into the portal with "Log in with Google" and use the portal with its full functionality. Teachers can also just assign books to students and have the books appear in the Google Classroom class streams for students to access.

**These instructions below are meant for customers who meet Google Classroom integration requirements and who have already been set up for integration by Lab-Aids. If we have not yet confirmed with you that your integration is set up, then you will need to reach out to us at before proceeding.**


School Admin Instructions
Teacher Instructions
Student Instructions


Admin Instructions: 

Before you can complete any of these tasks, Lab-Aids needs to set up your integration and give you the green light to complete the following steps.  

Initial Roster Sync

1. Log into the Lab-Aids portal using the "Log in With Google" button at 

Google Classroom users will click "Log in with Google" button.


2. After entering valid credentials, Google will ask you to give our Portal (provided by MagicBox, or "eLearning App") permissions to access your Google Classroom.  You will need to click "Allow" on this pop-up below. Be sure your G Suite Superadmin username is displayed on this pop-up:  

Admin needs to click "allow" to allow Lab-Aids to sync with your GC rosters


3. Our Portal will automatically detect users coming from the Google Classroom school domain. Go to the "Settings" tab from the left menu, click "Connect with Google Classroom", and select both sync options available. All the Class Rosters and Assignments will be imported. 

Admin Sync Options

Sync is in process


4. The initial sync of Class Rosters can take up to 24 hours to complete, but will likely be complete in 4-6 hours. You will receive an email notification when the process is completed. Note that our Portal syncs all users and Classes contained in your G Suite domain, despite that only a subset of users will be assigned a license to access your online content. 

Important Sync Notes:

  • You (the G Suite Superadmin) must log into the Portal and disconnect/reconnect the sync every 30 days in order to renew the sync access token. This is due to new security regulations put in place by Google. These regulations force the access token, which gives Lab-Aids access to your rosters, to expire after 30 days of being issued/renewed. Completing the sync every 30 days will prevent the sync token from expiring. Please see this resource on how to disconnect and reconnect the sync. 
  • Occasionally, you may need to restart or reboot the Google Classroom sync if data is not being properly synced. Please see this resource if you suspect there are problems.


Verify Initial Roster Sync for Accuracy

5. Verify the Initial Roster Sync for Accuracy: Once the initial sync of Class Rosters is complete, the school admin should review for accuracy and completion. Again, this initial sync can take up to 4-24 hours to complete.

a. You'll need to verify that class numbers, teacher numbers, and student numbers are accurate. To do this, click on Roster > Class, Roster > Teacher, and Roster > Student, and look at the number displayed in the bottom left corner.

  • We recommend verifying that teachers have been assigned their new classes for the new school year. 
  • We recommend verifying that new class rosters contain the accurate number of students. 
  • We recommend verifying that new teachers/students have been rostered into the portal and into the correct classes. 

Click on Roster > Class, Roster > Teacher, Roster > Student and then look at the total number in the bottom left corner.

Assign Licenses to Teachers

6. The School Admin will then need to assign the licenses to teachers. Teachers will not be able to view any content or assign books to students (if applicable) until you do this. 


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Teacher Instructions

Teachers will log into the Lab-Aids portal using the "Log in With Google" button at

7. Teachers will need to assign books to their students and click the checkbox to assign to Google Classroom.  

Teachers assign books to students


8. Once teachers assign books to their students, students will be able to log into their Lab-Aids portal accounts to view their books. They will log in the same way as teachers -- by going to and clicking "Log in with Google".  These assignments may automatically appear in your students' Google Classroom streams, as long as the teacher assigning content is the same teacher who created the class in Google Classroom.

Book will appear in students' streams.


9. Google Classroom Assignments are made available to Teachers and Students within the Lab-Aids Portal. Teachers can sync/import all the assignments from Google Classroom stream into the Lab-Aids Portal by clicking on "Settings" and then toggling the Sync Settings on. 

Teachers can sync assignments and grades from the "Settings" option.


10. Teachers can manage Google Classroom Assignments within the Lab-Aids Portal and vice versa.

Teachers can manage homework from the portal via the "Share with Classroom" option.

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Student Instructions

11. Once the teacher assigns the book to students, the book will appear in students' Google Classroom streams. Students click on the book/assignment. 

Students view books in their GC streams.

12. Once students click on the book/assignment, they will be logged into the Lab-Aids Portal and where they will see the assignment details page. From here, students can read the book by clicking on the "Start Assignment" button. 

Students click "Start Assignment" to read the book.

13. Students can view any Google Classroom Assignments assigned to them within the Lab-Aids Portal. 

Students can view homework from within the Lab-Aids portal.


14. Students can also view Lab-Aids content by logging into the portal directly at and clicking "Log in with Google". After entering their Google login information, they will be taken to their portal bookshelf, where they will see all books assigned to them.


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