Middle School

Earth Science

How do Earth's features influence where people live? What policies should guide our use of Earth's resources? 

Physical Science

What role should renewable energy sources play in a national energy policy? How are Newton's Laws related to auto safety? 

Life Science

What are the ethical issues in using genetic information? How might a new species be introduced to an ecosystem? 

High School


What are the benefits and trade-offs of genetically modified foods? How do emerging global patterns, like extreme heat events and changes in the frequency of diseases, affect human health? 

Earth Science

What would it take for people to colonize Mars? Where does my water come from? How do we collect data on temperatures from a really long time ago?


What are some environmental concerns when oil is spilled? What effect does salinity have on ocean water density? How do movie studios create big explosions safely? 

Environmental Science

How can we manage the impact of human populations and development so that our global environment can sustain life? 

Agricultural Science

What are the trade-offs of genetically modified foods? How can we compare the efficiency of various fossil fuels? 

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