Tuition Includes

advance shipment of equipment, books, and materials so that you can work through selected hands-on materials at home in real time. 

Course Credit

We offer a one-unit graduate credit in education through the California State University Long Beach for interested teachers. The fee is $99 and one to two short papers may be required.  More information on this to come.

Program Content Focus

SEPUP and the NGSS

SEPUP has completed its third edition, which addresses a true three-dimensional approach to meeting the challenges of the NGSS. This session will provide an in depth look at the development process and the products. 

Writing to Learn in SEPUP

This section will explore elective techniques for writing in the SEPUP classroom, including the use of science notebooks, pre-and post-writing strategies, and reactive writing prompts.

Adult learning styles

What is your preferred learning style? Participants will assess their own learning styles, using Kolb’s learning style profile, with an application to using learning style research in planning workshops and professional development experiences for teachers.

Research in SEPUP

The SEPUP research base includes developmental studies, impact research, case studies and quasi-experimental designs. This section will provide an overview and an annotated bibliography of SEPUP research.

Planning and leading SEPUP workshops: 

Lab-Aids leads workshops for more than 5000 teachers per year, including initial user training, follow up workshops and stand alone workshops at state and national meetings. We’ll share our pre-workshop planning procedures and detailed training guides.

Using Issues to Teach Science

This session will use existing and planned SEPUP materials to explore the uses of societal and environmental issues in middle level and high school science teaching. The session will cover the goals for teaching with issues, how to adapt curriculum to become more issue-oriented, and the evolution of SEPUP instructional design.

Assessing Student Performance in SEPUP

This is an in-depth look at SEPUP’s nationally acclaimed assessment system. Topics include an in-depth look at the elements of SEPUP assessment, including tasks, variables, rubrics, blueprints, and student work exemplars. Participants will moderate several samples of student work.

Support for Literacy in SEPUP

This session will explore SEPUP’s strategies for supporting reading comprehension, written and oral language, and media literacy.

Fanned MS 3e Unit Books

Summer Academy Faculty (Subject to change)

I have never been treated so well. I got a lot of great ideas to take my own workshops from good to outstanding. 

Tina Tetzleff-Wallis, Indiana

Digital SEPUP Summer Academy

July 2021

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