This page describes how teachers can utilize the Lab-Aids Google Classroom integration, once classes and students are synced into the Portal. If your classes/students have not yet been synced, please see our Google Classroom Integration page. 

Getting Started: 
  • Teachers always log in at with the "Log in with Google" button. They can view content, assign books to students, and view rosters.

Teachers and students will click the blue "log in with google" button at

Sync Information: 
  • How do teachers perform a sync?
    • Teachers' syncs will start automatically upon logging in. Teachers will see that their sync is "in progress" each time upon login. The sync will finish within a few minutes, and you'll see the finished status once you navigate away from that page and then back to it.
    • Teachers can also perform a manual sync by going to Settings > Google Classroom V2 > Start Sync.  This is not required, since syncs are completed automatically upon login.
  • How do new students sync to the portal?
    • New students will be synced to the Portal a) once they join a class that has already been selected to sync by the teacher, and b) once the teacher logs out and logs back in or completes a manual sync under Settings > Google Classroom V2. For some districts, roster changes will be synced automatically without needing a manual sync.
  • Roster changes are not made in the Lab-Aids Portal. Roster changes are only made in Google Classroom. Log out and in to sync roster changes.
How can teachers share resources with students in Google Classroom?

Once teachers assign books to students, teachers can share resources in two ways:

  • Automatically-posted links: 
    • When teachers assign books to students, if the "Assign to Google Classroom" checkbox is selected, a link to the book will automatically appear in Google Classroom. It often will be sent to the class stream as an assignment, but sometimes it will be posted elsewhere in GC as an assignment, depending on the district's GC setup. Teachers can click the three dots to change the assignment "topic." Students will click on the assignment link to be brought to the book. If students are prompted to log in first, just have them click "Log in With Google."
    • This automatically-created assignment cannot be deleted, but the topic of the assignment can be edited by clicking on the three dots.  

Teachers assign books and click "log in with google" , then books appear in GC

  • Manually-posted links: 
    • Teachers can download ancillary resources (student sheets, PDFs of books, Remote Learning Packets, LABsents, Powerpoints, etc.) from pages 1, 2, etc. of the Teacher Edition or Student Books and post those documents in Google Classroom for students to access. 

Download resources from page 1 of each teacher edition, post in Google Classroom

Download a PDF from page 1, post PDF in GC

Teachers can post a link to a specific page

Teachers can post a direct link to a portal simulation in GC

      How can students access Lab-Aids resources? 
      • From the Lab-Aids Portal: Students can also always log in directly at with the "Log in with Google" button. They will see all books assigned to them.
      • From Google Classroom: Students can also access Lab-Aids resources from Google Classroom without needing to log in directly to the Portal. This depends on where the teacher has posted links to resources. See above for more information. 


      Help for teachers: 
      • If you don't see any books in your library, please reach out to your admin. Your admin needs to assign licenses to you before you'll be able to view books or assign books to students.
      • If you receive an error message that you have exhausted the available licenses when assigning books to students, please reach out to your admin. This error message often means your admin did not assign the student licenses to you.