This page describes the end of year processes to be completed by admins to remove existing student accounts and roster new student accounts. This process varies based on setup method. Please click on your existing setup method to view end of year instructions:

1. School/District Workflow Setup

2. Google Classroom Setup 

3. LTI Integration Setup / Access Code Setup 

4. Clever/Classlink Setup



1. School/District Workflow Setup

  • **If teachers want to retain student assessment data, please have teachers export that assessment data prior to you removing student accounts. Once a student is deleted, the homework and assessment data will also be deleted. How to view/export assessment data reportsHow to export homework scores
  • **If you have been set up as a district in our portal (these district setups are rare), you'll need to complete these steps for each school in your account. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about this.
  • Admins: Please refer to our School Admin Setup FAQ if you need more information on general account setup instructions. 


1. Admin removes existing student accounts

  • Admin clicks "End School Session". This removes licenses from student accounts so they can be reassigned to other students. This does not remove student accounts.

Click "End School Session" to remove licenses from students.

Clever/Classlink/Google Classroom districts: The below instructions do not apply to you. Please skip to the correct section for instructions specific to your rostering method.  

  • Admin deletes students: Select Roster > Class. Then, select a Class name from the list shown. Select “Display 100 Records”, click checkbox to the left of “Name” column to select students 100 at a time, then select Delete.
  • Repeat for each Class until all students are deleted. 

Click on Roster > Class > Click on class name

Click "Roster" > "Class", and then click "Display 100 records". Click the checkbox under "Display 100 records" to select all 100 students, and then click "Delete".

If you have a large quantity of students/classes and it is not realistic to delete students using this method, please contact us at


2. Admin verifies class/teacher rostering information

A. Admin verifies class names are updated and accurate for next school year

  • Roster > Class
  • Click "Add Class" to add class titles manually
  • Click "Bulk Upload" to add class titles in bulk
  • Make sure all necessary class titles are added / old classes are removed 

B. Admin verifies that all teachers are entered correctly into the system and associated to correct classes

  • Roster > Teachers
  • Verify new teachers are added ("Add Teacher" button)
  • Verify old teachers are removed ("Delete" icon next to teacher's name)
  • Verify teachers are assigned to the correct classes ("Edit" button next to teacher's name)
    • To update teachers' classes via bulk update, click here
    • To update teachers' classes manually, click the "Edit" button next to the teacher's name, and then click in the "Assign Classes" box. The class list will appear, and you can select/deselect classes to be assigned to the teacher. Use the CTRL button to select/deselect multiple classes.
    • After clicking "Modify Teacher", click in the "Assign Classes" box, and a list of classes will appear. Select any new classes and click "Save".


3. Admin confirms that POs have accurately been assigned to teachers

  • How to assign POs to teachers
  • Unassign teachers from POs if they no longer need access. 
  • Assign teachers to POs as necessary for new teachers or new POs
  • If you have both a student PO and a teacher PO for the same set of content, you need to assign both POs to teachers teaching that content to their students.


4. Admin rosters student accounts (this should be similar to last year)

  • Please see this document for more detailed steps on Rostering Students.
  • Admin creates and uploads “bulk upload” student document: Roster > Student > Bulk Upload


5. Admin communicates to teachers how to assign books to their students


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2. Google Classroom Setup

1) Admins: Select End School Session to gain back licenses from students. This important step will prevent last year's students from taking up licenses that are meant for this year's students.

  • From Roster > Class, select End School Session from the top-right corner.
  • This will unassign all licenses that were assigned to student accounts last school year. 
  • This will allow your account to gain those licenses back so that teachers can then assign them to new classes/students.

2) Admins/Teachers: Update class rosters in Google Classroom to reflect accurate rosters for the new school year.

  • This is typically done by district IT personnel over the summer, but this may also be done by teachers, depending on district policies. This is not part of the Lab-Aids Portal. 

3) Teachers: Update your class sync selections (once class rosters are ready in Google Classroom).

Admins will need to direct teachers to follow the below instructions:

  • Log into your Lab-Aids portal account. Wait for the automatic sync to finish, then click on Settings > Google Classroom v2, and click "Start Sync" or "Edit". Select/deselect classes to sync and proceed through each page. 
  • The newly selected classes will now sync each time upon login. 

Note on removing old data: Deselected classes from previous years will still appear in the portal, but the rosters will no longer sync from Google Classroom. To remove old classes/students from previous years: 1) ensure all teachers using the portal have updated their class sync selections, and 2) notify when this is done. 3) Lab-Aids will delete all existing classes/students. 4) After all existing classes/students are deleted, teachers will log back into the portal, and only the users associated with the newly-selected classes will sync. 

4) [Optional] New Teachers: If there are any new teachers needing access, here are the instructions for setting up new teachers in the portal with a GC integration.

5) Admins: Confirm teachers have been assigned the correct POs (sets of licenses): How to assign POs to teachers

  • Unassign teachers from POs if they no longer need access.
  • Assign teachers to POs as necessary, for new teachers or new POs.

6) Admins: Tell your teachers they will need to assign books to students for the new school year.

  • Students will not see content unless teachers do this.

For general Google Classroom Integration Setup instructions, you can refer to the Google Classroom Integration Setup Guide


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3. LTI Integration Setup / Access Code Setup


1) Teacher Access Codes:

  • Please let Lab-Aids know if any of your teachers no longer need access and need their accounts removed from the teacher access code.
  • Communicate the existing access code and redemption instructions to teachers if necessary.
    • Teachers only need to redeem this code one time, not once each year.
    • However, if any teachers did not redeem this access code last year, you'll need to communicate redemption instructions again. 

2) Student Access Codes:

  • Please ask Lab-Aids for a new access code for your students for next year. When doing so, please include the following information:
    • Would you like all student books on the same student access code, or would you like to split up books by grade and have each grade redeem a different code? If you would like them split up by grade, please list the books (purchased) desired for each grade.
    • Would you like Spanish titles included in the access code? 


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4. Clever/Classlink Setup

1) District Admin selects End School Session to gain back licenses from students.

  • From Roster > Class, choose a school from the dropdown and then select End School Session from the top-right corner. 
  • This will unassign all licenses that were assigned to student accounts last school year. This does not remove licenses from anyone except students.
  • This will allow your account to gain those licenses back so that teachers can then assign them to new classes/students.
  • Repeat for each school. 

From Roster > Class, select the school from the dropdown and click "End School Session".

Keep all checkboxes selected to remove licenses and all old data from students. Or, just select "Content" to only remove licenses/content from students.

2) Ensure accurate/updated data is being shared with us in Clever/Classlink

  • This will likely need to wait until August when rosters are ready. 
  • When rosters are ready, be sure to update your data sharing rules in Clever/Classlink so the accurate classes and users are being shared with us. 

3) Ensure the correct schools and teachers have been assigned licenses. 

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Helpful Information for all setup methods:

  • When students are deleted, their assessment and homework data is also deleted.
  • If you are considering changing setup/rostering methods for next school year, please see our "What rostering methods do you offer?" FAQ for an explanation of each method.


Please contact with additional questions.


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